shipping & returns

Shipping Policy

Consider each order a soap art commission. I am not a factory and some orders may take more time than others, although I try to only list what is ready to go on here. I will email you (1-3 days after order) to notify you that your products have shipped or to coordinate pick-up/bicycle delivery.

Shipping is available to most international countries. Get in touch for additional international shipping options via the contact page.


Bicycle Delivery *Currently Unavailable*

If you live in downtown Toronto select "bicycle delivery" at checkout for the best eco human-powered delivery service. 


Refund Policy

Everything is final sale, sorry. I make super limited runs and every bar of soap is unique. I hope you love them all.

If there is a huge problem that is very obviously my fault let me know, though.


Terms of Service

All soaps are homemade using natural ingredients. I've tested everything on myself.

These are so pure you could probably eat them but don't do that. My soaps are sodium salts of fatty acids and eating too much can be bad (google hypernatremia and hyperkalemia if you're curious). You assume all responsibility in using the soap correctly. Topical use only!

Since these are natural products, they have the potential to change over time in colour, texture and scent. It is recommended that soaps are used within 6 months of purchase. However, the soaps are formulated to last for years; if you've by chance forgotten a soap for more than 6 months, don't give up on it. Just make sure it doesn't seem funky before use.

Ingredients are listed with products and you can always ask questions via the contact page.