lavender, reframed

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lavender and vanilla

Some humans do a great job of making natural miracles feel cliche and played out. Let’s all take a moment to let go of it all. Slow down and pretend you’re smelling it for the first time. Brilliant. Lavender plants take two years to bloom from their first sprout, because good things take time. Herbalist and artist Rachel Budde puts it best: “Known for the medicinal abilities to calm, collect and soothe- both the inner and outer of our being- connects to the expansive Spirit Medicine of Lavender. Lavender calms because they know how to create more space, to hold opposites, to dilute binary thinking into rich soups of nuance.”

ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, soy butter, sodium hydroxide lye, essential oil fragrance blend, alkanet root, lavender buds.